Iterative Statements: For Loop

FOR Loop

A FOR LOOP is used to execute a set of statements for a predetermined number of times. Iteration occurs between the start and end integer values given. The counter is always incremented by 1. The loop exits when the counter reachs the value of the end integer.

The General Syntax to write a FOR LOOP is:
FOR counter IN val1..val2
LOOP statements;

  • val1 - Start integer value.
  • val2 - End integer value.

Important steps to follow when executing a while loop:

  1. The counter variable is implicitly declared in the declaration section, so it's not necessary to declare it explicity.
  2. The counter variable is incremented by 1 and does not need to be incremented explicitly.
  3. EXIT WHEN statement and EXIT statements can be used in FOR loops but it's not done oftenly.

NOTE: The above Loops are explained with a example when dealing with Explicit Cursors.

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