Iterative Statements:Simple Loop

An iterative control Statements are used when we want to repeat the execution of one or more statements for specified number of times. These are similar to those in
There are three types of loops in PL/SQL:

  • Simple Loop
  • While Loop
  • For Loop

1) Simple Loop

A Simple Loop is used when a set of statements is to be executed at least once before the loop terminates. An EXIT condition must be specified in the loop, otherwise the loop will get into an infinite number of iterations. When the EXIT condition is satisfied the process exits from the loop.

The General Syntax to write a Simple Loop is:
{or EXIT WHEN condition;}

These are the important steps to be followed while using Simple Loop.
1) Initialise a variable before the loop body.
2) Increment the variable in the loop.
3) Use a EXIT WHEN statement to exit from the Loop. If you use a EXIT statement without WHEN condition, the statements in the loop is executed only once.

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